Award-Winning Energy Team

Reduce Energy Costs

Uhl Company offers a wide variety of energy services and products. Our award-winning energy team is the leader in reducing energy cost by implementing our smart building technologies. Partnering with local utilities, maximizing rebates, and finding annual utility savings over 20% keep our energy projects under two-three year paybacks.

Xcel Energy Efficiency Award Winner

Uhl Company has received the Xcel Energy Efficiency Partner Award each year the award has been offered. It’s a distinction given only to the top-performing trade companies who demonstrate a commitment to energy efficiency and to helping reap the greatest rebate and energy-consumption savings for the businesses we work with.

Read more about what our energy department can do for you here: Connect, a blog by Xcel Energy.


Let Your Savings Begin Now

Uhl’s Energy division, since its inception in 2010, has found our customers over $4,500,000 in energy Savings, $2,000,000 in utility rebates with an average payback of 1.7 years and an average annual utility savings of 21%. Uhl has a deep understanding of utility providers’ rebate programs, including Xcel Energy, Wright-Hennepin, Dakota, MN Power and CenterPoint Energy.

Achieve Your Green Goals

Uhl Company offers a wide variety of energy services. Whether you are looking to reduce your energy consumption, carbon footprint, or utility costs; our energy engineers have the expertise, products and industry knowledge to help you achieve your “green goals”. Uhl is experienced at improving building operation and occupancy comfort through recommissioning services. Buildings typically experience efficiency losses and degraded building operations over time. Uhl understands the value that recommissioning offers as a lower-cost way to reduce energy costs compared to full replacement of expensive equipment or systems.

Reduce Your Energy Costs

Recommissioning often qualifies for rebates that can pay for the cost of the studies and part of the cost of implementing the conservation opportunities. Tune up your building for peak efficiency with recommissioning. Our comprehensive recommissioning energy study consistently saves between 15% – 25% of building energy costs and in many cases more. Improve your building operation and occupancy comfort today. Call Uhl Company to find out more about Utility Rebates that are available for our Energy Services.

Energy Saving Customers

Ceridian (30% annual utility savings)
St. Catherine University (21% annual utility savings)
Eaton (31% annual utility savings)
City of Maple Grove (36% annual utility savings)
City of Crystal (29% annual utility savings)
Park Nicollet (21% annual utility savings)
Walker Art Center (21% annual utility savings)
St. Louis Park Schools (23% annual utility savings)
Paynesville Schools (20% annual utility savings)
Crowne Plaza Hotel (23% of utility savings)
Cirrus Aircraft (17% annual utility savings)

Case Study – Grace Church

Grace Church

Grace Church (37% annual utility savings) Grace Church Case Study

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