Equipping Tomorrow’s Healthcare Facilities for the Digital Age

Safety. Satisfaction. Efficiency.

From the emergency room to the executive office, ensure safety, reliability, comfort, and improve your medical facility’s financial health. Do more with innovation at every level.

Uhl enables the medical facility to enhance the care and comfort of patients, visitors, and staff. Improve financial performance; improve patient safety; simplify regulatory compliance practices; increase patient satisfaction; enhance productivity and ensure retention of quality people.

Why Choose Uhl?

The healthcare industry has challenges and needs that are very unique. What is important to an office building IT manager is not the same for an eye clinic or dental office. When looking for a solution provider, make sure they have experience working in the healthcare industry. Have they installed servers in medical offices, hospitals, retail clinics and other medical facilities? Does their solution help you solve your IT challenges? Is it going to help save you money and keep your patients and staff happy?


Providing You With The Knowledge And Skills To Succeed.

Uhl Company is one of the few companies in our industry that has and continues to provide a wide range of training options for our customers. The training available includes front-end navigation, basic programming, sensor calibration, and mechanical. Uhl’s training is customized to meet each customer’s requirements. Our customers have the option of scheduling training sessions to be held on-site at their facility or in Uhl’s training center.

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Uhl Customers

Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare

Uhl Services Implemented: Building Automation, Preventative Maintenance Service, Controls Service.

Hennepin County Medical Center

Uhl Services Implemented: Analytics, Building Automation, and Controls Service and Repairs.

St. Luke’s Hospital, Duluth

Uhl Services Implemented: Building Automation, Mechanical/HVAC, Preventative Maintenance Service, Mechanical and Control Service.

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