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Constant Commissioning Manager

Uhl Analytics monitors and analyzes building systems data. Our custom algorithms identify equipment faults, and operating deviations, which leads to enhanced performance, extended equipment life, energy savings, and occupant comfort. Uhl Company CCM constantly commissions your building’s equipment keeping everything operating energy efficient at peak performance.

Melink Intelli-Hood®

Uhl Company is a certified distributor and installer of Melink Intelli-Hood®. Ask us about Melink Intelli-Hood Demand Ventilation Controls. Energy savings up to 97% and conditioned air savings up to 70%. Most commercial kitchen hoods operate at 100% all day, even during idle non-cooking periods. Melink Hood Controls will run at reduced speeds (10-50%) to maintain exhaust air temperatures. During actual cooking, the exhaust speed will increase to 100% when smoke is sensed by Melink’s patented air purged optic sensors.


UHL Customers


Minnesota’s premier Level 1 Adult Trauma Center and Pediatric Trauma Center located in downtown Minneapolis. Uhl provides ongoing building automation retrofits, upgrades and new installations. Preventative maintenance and Uhl’s service team keep mechanical equipment and building controls running safely and efficiently.

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