Enhance Building Peformance

Constant Commissioning Manager

Uhl Analytics monitors and analyzes building systems data. Our custom algorithms identify equipment faults, and operating deviations, which leads to enhanced performance, extended equipment life, energy savings, and occupant comfort. Uhl CCM constantly commissions your building’s equipment keeping everything operating at peak efficiency and performance.

How does CCM work?

Uhl CCM measures how many faults are occurring in your equipment and the amount of money wasted in energy usage by continuously monitoring every HVAC System under the Building Automation System to verify proper sequence of operation.  This helps your building achieve high levels of efficiency and minimizes the cost to operate and maintain your equipment.

Uhl CCM Reports

Your CCM reports will show how much money you are saving on energy costs and the environmental impact of your repairs. Here’s an impact excerpt from an actual Uhl customer in the education sector: “By improving your building’s operation and efficiency, you have already eliminated 15 tons of CO2 from your carbon emissions, and are projected to eliminate an additional 495 tons over the next year. This reduction in your carbon footprint has the same environmental impact as planting 60 acres of trees or taking 108 cars off the road”.

Uhl CCM Customers


Minnesota’s premier Level 1 Adult Trauma Center and Pediatric Trauma Center located in downtown Minneapolis. Uhl provides ongoing building automation retrofits, upgrades and new installations. Preventative maintenance and Uhl’s service team keep mechanical equipment and building controls running safely and efficiently.

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