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Energy Management Creates Comfort

Travelers and diners expect excellent service, clean rooms, and good amenities from hotels and restaurants, but energy efficiency rarely makes it to their must-have lists. Hotel and restaurant operators, on the other hand, must focus on ensuring a pleasurable stay for their guests while managing the effects of energy costs on profitability.

Energy Management Creates Value

Innovative solutions to deliver lower costs and sustainable value to all aspects of hotel and restaurant operations, from boardrooms to guest rooms, and every level in between, with innovation at every level. Uhl has leveled the building management system (BMS) playing field with a solution designed specifically for buildings with a smaller footprint. With minimal interruption to your daily operations, Uhl delivers immediate energy savings without compromising on comfort.


Providing You With The Knowledge And Skills To Succeed.

Uhl Company is one of the few companies in our industry that has and continues to provide a wide range of training options for our customers. The training available includes front-end navigation, basic programming, sensor calibration, and mechanical. Uhl’s training is customized to meet each customer’s requirements. Our customers have the option of scheduling training sessions to be held on-site at their facility or in Uhl’s training center.

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Uhl Customers

The Marquette Hotel

Uhl Services Implemented: Building Automation, Legacy Systems Upgrades, Preventative Maintenance Service, and Controls Service.

Mystic Lake Casino Hotel

Uhl Services Implemented: New Construction Building Automation, Legacy Systems Upgrades, and Controls Service.

Benihana – Maple Grove

Uhl Services Implemented: New Construction Building Automation, Legacy Systems Upgrade, and 24/7 Service.

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