Energy Services

Energy Services

  • Xcel Energy Efficiency Award Winner

    Uhl Company has received Xcel Energy’s Efficiency Partner Award which recognizes the Trade Partners that make the largest contributions to Xcel’s energy efficiency programs. Uhl company is a top-tier partner and has won the award for 2015.

    Let Your Savings Begin Now

    Uhl’s Energy division since its inception in 2010 has found our customers over $3,100,000 in energy Savings, $1,300,000 in utility rebates with an average payback of 1.7 years and an average annual utility savings of 21%. Uhl has deep understanding of utility providers rebate programs, including Xcel Energy, Wright-Hennepin, Dakota and CenterPoint Energy.

    Read more about what our energy department can do for you here:
    Connect, a blog by Xcel Energy

    Uhl Company offers a wide variety of energy services. Whether you are looking to reduce your energy consumption, carbon footprint, or utility costs; our energy engineers have the expertise, products and industry knowledge to help you achieve your “green goals.”

    Buildings experience efficiency losses and degraded building operations over time. Tune up your building for peak efficiency with recommissioning. Our comprehensive recommissioning energy study consistently saves between 5% and 20% of building energy costs and in some cases more.

    Improve your building operation and occupancy comfort today. Call the Uhl Company to find out more about Utility Rebates that are available for our Energy Services.

    For a real world case study of what UHL can do for you, click the link below and call UHL today!

    Grace Church Case Study

    Ask about Melink Intelli-Hood Demand Ventilation Controls. Energy savings up to 97% and conditioned air savings up to 70%. Most commercial kitchen hoods operate at 100% all day, even during idle non-cooking periods. Melink Hood Controls will run at reduced speeds (10-50%) to maintain exhaust air temperatures. During actual cooking, the exhaust speed will increase to 100% when smoke is sensed by Melink’s patented air purged optic sensors.

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